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An amazing week for More Than Two

August 29, 2013

In case you haven’t noticed, we launched an Indiegogo campaign last week to fund the writing and production of the book More Than Two.

It’s been a good week. As of now, we’re raised $5,760, about half of that in the first 48 hours. A couple dozen people attended our launch party in Portland (pics here). We’ve had a couple of slow days, but if current trends hold, we’ll reach the first $6,000 we need to match the funds from Alan and Dr. Haslam by tonight. (Note: those funds will be contributed outside the campaign. We’ll still have the full $13,800 to go on Indiegogo.)

We were also were also briefly featured on Indiegogo’s home page–not as one of the big, featured projects on top, but in the “New This Week” row down below–which means we’re doing well enough that Indiegogo thinks we’re worth taking seriously.

Deep pockets, anyone?

We’ve also gotten our first larger donations: two $500 donations and one $250 donation. All three of these folks will get a question personally answered by our friend Badass McProblemsolver, hopefully during the campaign, and the $500 contributors will get another question answered on the blog.

These larger contributions were a big boost for us, because as much as we need and appreciate the smaller contributions (keep ’em coming in!), statistics from other Indiegogo campaigns show that successful campaigns get a few large donations, meaning the $250-$1,000 range. If our campaign funds, and we roughly follow these stats, that means we would need about:

  • Eight funders at the $250 level (we have one)
  • Five funders at the $500 level (we have two)
  • Two funders at the $1,000 level (we have none)

We’ve put some really nice perks at these levels, too. (And that Skype time with us? Let’s just say that for $1,000, what that time includes is, er, negotiable.) So please donate at whatever level you can, but please donate at the highest level you can stretch to. If you’re giving $150, consider whether you can give $250. And so on. And if you know of any comfortably well-off poly or poly-friendly folks, please share our campaign with them!

How else can you help?

The biggest thing you can to do help us now is share, share, share. Share the campaign. Share our blog posts. Share wherever you’re active on social media, and share it privately with friends and family. Use the share tools on the Indiegogo page, which helps add to our Gogo Factor, the metric that determines whether Indiegogo will promote us. Commenting on the campaign page helps with that, too. So do donations, no matter the size.

In case you need it, here’s the link again.

Thanks to everyone who has gotten us this far. Please keep up the good work so we can make it over the top.

Like what you’re reading? Buy the book now at Amazon or Powell’s. 

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