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“What Is Polyamory?” A new introductory resource

September 10, 2013

Today we had a big success: we were featured on the front page of Indiegogo! Indiegogo uses a merit-based system to decide which projects to feature, using an algorithm they call the “Gogo Factor” that’s made up of page traffic, shares, number of contributions, comments and other campaign engagements. Our being on the front page means that you all have been doing an amazing job spreading the word about us.

We’ve realized, though, that our campaign was really designed for people who already know Franklin’s work, and thus have at least a passing familiarity with the concept of polyamory. It’s not designed for a general audience browsing the front page of Indiegogo. So we’ve updated the page content a little, and will be re-shooting the segments of our launch video where Franklin and I talk about the project, both to get better production quality and to add a bit of an introduction to the idea of polyamory.

We’ve also added a new resource at our Indiegogo gallery: “What Is Polyamory?,” a 12-page, 101-level essay on polyamory. Franklin wrote it last fall for an anthology on non-traditional relationships, and I edited it, which makes it our first collaborative work (and the project that eventually led us to decide to work on a book together). The anthology project stalled, and the essay was never published, so we’ve decided to make it available to you now as an example of our work together. Our relationship on the essay was different from what it is on the book, though: I was the editor of the essay, not the co-author, as I will be with the book.

Part of the purpose of the essay, of course, is to drive traffic to the Indiegogo page, so we’re not uploading it here. To download it, you need to go to our gallery there, then scroll to the bottom and look for “What Is Polyamory?” And if you want to share it, please share the page, don’t re-post the essay elsewhere.

Feedback and thoughts are welcome.

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