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Stretch goal: Book tour!

September 11, 2013

WE’VE MADE IT TO 50%! We crossed the $10,000 threshold this morning, and momentum is still building. And as promised, we’re announcing our stretch goal! And here’s a video about it.

A few people have asked about a book tour. The answer has always been: depends on how the fundraising goes. Now that our goal is within sight, we’ve planned out the milestones that will make the tour a reality:

At $23,000, we’ll go down the West Coast all the way to San Diego, then return via Las Vegas and Calgary:

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 12.04.24 PM

Plus all our backers at $50 and above will get a poly dragon sticker:


At $27,000, we’ll head from San Diego across the southern US, via Phoenix, Santa Fe, Dallas/Austin/Houston and New Orleans as far as Miami, returning via Atlanta, Chicago, Winnipeg and Calgary:

Southern loop

Plus all our backers at $25 and above will get a poly dragon sticker.

At $29,000, we’ll extend our trip to New England via DC, Philadelphia, New York and Boston, returning via Toronto, Chicago, Winnipeg and Calgary:

New England

Plus all our backers at $50 and above will get three poly dragon temporary tattoos.

At $32,000, we’ll add a hop across the Atlantic from New York, to pay a visit to the UK–and all the paperback books will be a signed, limited-run offset-print first edition, sent before the books are publicly available.

We’ve set up a survey where people can offer to organize readings, signing, meetups with local poly groups, and other events, and to host us (we’ll be travelling in the adventure van, so you can host even if you don’t have a spare room). We’ll be basing the final routes and destinations on where we have the most interest, so even if you’re not on one of our maps right now, we may still come to your town!

Thank you so much for getting us this far! The support has been overwhelming.


Like what you’re reading on the More Than Two blog? Buy the book now at Amazon or Powell’s. 

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  1. WE DID IT! - More Than Two

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