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More Than Two referral contest

September 14, 2013

Today marks the halfway point of our campaign: 23 days in, 23 to go. And WOW, we’re already at $11,500. That’s close to 60% of our goal, so to push us over the edge and support our book tour stretch goal, we’re announcing a referral contest!

Here’s how it works: Indiegogo tracks referrals for each user if you use the share tools on the campaign page.* So make sure you’re logged in to Indiegogo, then go to our campaign and look for the icons right below the video. There’s a URL there with a number unique to you, and if you use any of the buttons–Facebook, G+, Twitter–related activity will be linked to you, too. We can then access a list of referrals: not who’s clicked your links, but how many people have clicked, and how much they’ve contributed.

Four people will win: the two who refer the most people, and the two whose referrals result in the most contributions. Each of the four winners will get to choose one of the following prizes:

And yes, you can win in more than one category (though oddly enough, the two don’t seem to be correlated right now).

Remember, most people will visit the campaign more than once before they contribute, many people need to see the campaign several times before they’ll even visit, and many people only scan the recent items in their social media feeds. So you can share multiple times and in multiple places.

Ok, ready? Go!

And thank you!

*If you don’t want your referrals tracked, just share the campaign using this shortlink:

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