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Final countdown

October 1, 2013

As I write this, our Indiegogo campaign currently sits at $15,479, or 78% of our goal, with almost exactly five days left to go. That’s good news, because it means we’re right where we should be: statistics show that most successful campaigns receive more than a quarter of their funds in the final 10% of their campaign. Guess what? That starts today.

So if you’ve been waiting to support us, now’s the time. A few people have even upped their pledges, for which we are immensely grateful. And please, share us wherever you can think of: your friends and family, email lists you’re on, your Facebook groups and forums, social media–everywhere. Let’s make it so More Than Two is top-of-mind for poly folks everywhere these last few days. And don’t forget our referral contest.

And you know what? We’re tired. We’ve put in more than 200 hours on this campaign between us. We’re ready for it to be over. We can’t wait to go hide in a cabin in the woods and write a book for you. We just have to keep going a little bit longer. Your support has been what’s made–and continues to make–that possible. So thank you.

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