Brighter Than Sunflowers

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Notes on an Unfinished Goodbye

I wish I could tell you

I want you
to find joy

without restraint
or dread
of what comes next
or what you might lose
or what you might owe.

I want you
to learn
what it’s like
to feel everything

without resistance

secure in the knowledge
that you will not 
be drowned.

I want you
(just once)
to feel what it is like
to love
with an open heart
and receive
the same in return.

I want you
to feel
what it is like
to be seen
and known
and truly met

without fear.

I want you
to love someone
who embraces 
and adores
every part of you
without reservation

who celebrates you

who can gently
walk with you
through the thickets of your nightmares
until you come out together
on the other side.

I want you
to find your way free
of the clouds of razor wire
and broken glass
that bind your mind
and your heart
coalesced over a lifetime
to keep you safe from others
but also
from yourself.

I want you
to feel
in your bones
that you are worthy
that you are good
that you deserve
this love.

I want you
to be

I want you
to free 

“Razor wire at dusk.” Photo © Isabelle Prondzynski 2019, all rights reserved. Used with permission.
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