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This is the personal blog for Eve Rickert, the co-author of More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory, Polyamory and Jealousy, and Black Iron, the co-founder of Thorntree Press and Tacit Pleasures, and the founder of Talk Science to Me. If you’re looking for my personal story about my abusive relationship with my ex-partner and co-author, you can find the whole thing in full here. My reflections on More Than Two can be found here and here.

I am a Gen X nonmonogamous queer woman in Canada. I set up this blog in 2012 to share my random thoughts on life and love. In 2013, my now ex-partner and I founded a blog to promote our first book together, and for three years, I blogged there. After we broke up in 2018, he removed my access to that blog and to my content there. That content has now been ported over here, as well.

These are my words; this is my voice. Please do not steal them. Everything here is under copyright, all rights reserved. If you want to share my posts, please link back here. If you want to quote me, please attribute me (and link back here). If you want to repost, please ask. I will probably say yes.

Banner and profile image courtesy of 3268zauber on Wikimedia commons, under Creative Commons licence. Original here.

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  1. Kris permalink
    February 19, 2019 7:08 pm

    Thank you for sharing your voice in the world. Your crafted thoughts and careful metaphors illuminate hard and new ideas for me. It’s a joy to read your written words. It would be lovely to (literally!) garden with you, though our lives may never bring us to be neighbors. Thank you for what you create. I wish you joy,

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